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Recent News

Webinar: Cathodic corrosion protection

On Tuesday, 21. January 2020 Ernst-Günter Ache will participate at a Webinar organized by the PV-Magazin about the cathodic corrosion protection.

If you are interested in Renewable Energys, especially photovoltaic systems you should learn about the cathodic corrosion protection. In this Webinar Ernst-Günter Ache talks about the problem of corrosion and our solution for this problem.

Tuesday, 21. January 2020

10am – 11am (CET, Berlin); 2:30pm – 3:30pm (IST, Mumbai); 4pm – 5pm (ICT, Bangkok)

Webinar Content:

  • Why rust can attack even well galvanized systems
  • Practical example: causes and effects of rust on steel posts
  • The fundamentals for material selection and earthing of substructures
  • The new assembly system FS Duo Gen3: installation and resistance to rus

PV-Magazin: Registration for this Webinar and further information

PV-Magazine International: Cathodic corrosion protection

Read here about what Ache Engineering had to say about the importance of cathodic corrosion protection and our opinion and experience in the field in this June 2019 edition of PV-Magazine International!

“pv magazine was alerted to the existence of a PV power plant where the galvanized steel posts of the mounting frames were found to be heavily corroded after just a few years. There is a risk of the module racks failing during the 20-year operating period. The problem is not unique to this plant, but the good news is that there’s a simple solution.”

Mirco Sieg, of PV-Magazin Deutschland, has written with us an article about the topic of cathodic corrosion protection, in which we shared our expertise and raised awareness about this rising problem of corroding foundation posts in the field of  solar plants / parks.

Find out more about our service, cathodic corrosion protection, or get a chance to read the PV-Magazine article right here!

Our Scope of Works

Remodeling, renovating and renewing

Corrosion Protection Engineering and Location of Pipelines

With our special equipment and expertise we develop project-specific cathodic protection solutions and implement them. We also offer the service of locating pipes and pipelines.

Reports, factory acceptance reports and consulting

Expert opinion, consulting and damage reports

We offer expert opinion on court or insurance cases, whether a private or a commercial invester is interesed in renewable energy. We also prepare factory acceptances and consult you in questions regarding process optimization and renewable energy systems.

Reports, factory acceptance reports and consulting

Design and Production of Serial Parts

Our team of engineers, official experts and material specialists helps our customers find the most optimal solution for the design and production of serial and specially-made parts.

Building of photovoltaic systems:
small, large or greenfield

Construction of photovoltaic systems: large, small or open-field

We build photovoltaic systems in various sizes and kinds. Whether the system is to be mounted on a private roof, industry buildungs or in an open-field, together we are able to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Reports, factory acceptance reports and consulting

Performance of Complex Tendering Procedures

We are the right experienced partner, with years of industrial experience, to help making difficult decisions in tenders. We check price offers for you and help determine the right service provider on the account of many references and our system of key figures.

System Rehabilitation

Whether it is an accident, a system optimization or a rehabilitation: Often times than not, it makes more sense to stabilize and optimise an existing system rather than re-construct it.

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