We clean your solar PV-plant

There are many types of pollution in photovoltaic systems, which reduce the yield of the plant by up to 10% to 20%: coarse dirt, such as leaves, needles, small branches or animal excrement, but also finer dirt such as bepielsweise bee pollen, air pollution settles or minerals from the rainwater.

By cleaning the system, the attached dirt is removed and the yield raises to the normal level.

Especially plants operating close to agricultural or industrial plants, near highways or forests, should be cleaned in a regular cycle.

If a cleaning is carried out by us, we recommend at the same time also to apply a nano-coating. This coating prevents dirt and dust from settling into the surface of the system, making it easier to remove through rain or snow. In addition, you can extend the cycles between cleaning.

We clean your plant fast and professionally observing all safety standards and regulations.

With know-how, specialized personnel, the right equipment and gentle cleaners, which were developed especially for the surfaces of photovoltaic plants you get a premium service for the surface of your photovoltaic modules.


Self-cleaning by snow and rain

While it is true that snow and rain clean the system to some extent, much of the contamination remains adhered to the surface. In addition, the angle of inclination of the modules must be greater than 12 ° for this self-cleaning to work.

The cleaning power of rain and snow can be significantly increased by applying a nano-coating.

Ask us about the necessity and implementation of a cleaning or send us your order. We are always available by phone or e-mail.


The technical developments that have taken place in recent years are remarkable and have led to continuous efficiency improvements. Although older systems have good components, it is often worth optimizing the performance of the systems with modern components due to high feed-in tariffs of the first few years. (Applies for regulated markets FiT)

Upon request, we will gladly discuss your system and advise you on ways to best increase your system efficiency and thus your revenues.

Refurbishment and remedy measures for photovoltaic systems

We carry out special refurbishment of photovoltaic systems worldwide. It does not matter if it is an industrial, commercial roof-top PV-plant or a utility-scale solar farm. The errors corrected by us extend to all areas of photovoltaics and their interfaces to buildings or ground.

We detect, analyze and eliminate electrical and mechanical problems. The high level of expertise of Ache Engineering GmbH also enables complex renovations and repairs.

Ein Ingenieursteam vor einer Photovoltaikanlage

Montage Team vor einer Photovoltaikanlage

Assembly teams

We provide international available teams, suitable for all necessary work around the solar photovoltaic industry. These teams have been working worldwide building new solar farms or refurbishing endangered systems or repairing damaged facilities.

Hence, we provide the following services for your projects with our own employees and machines:

Construction site management

  • construction site management with experienced site managers
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management by trained staff
  • Construction site facility: supply and management by our construction team
  • Quality Management by experienced and trained experts

Assembly works

  • All sorts of ground works, of trenches, drainages
  • Construction of all common substructures and module mounting systems
  • DC cabling including the installation of DC- and AC-combiner boxes
  • Inverter rackings
  • AC wiring works to transformer or delivery stations
  • Installation of transformer stations

Commissioning and start-up of your plants – with our expertise:

  • Implementation of Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) at your suppliers’ location
  • Acceptance Certificate for all construction services and supplies
  • Creation of investment certificates according to BDEW-standards

Please bear in mind that this certification may also be required for commissioning after March 2019 for all 750 kWh systems (in Germany).

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