Authorized expert services and technical surveys

As an expert office, we can provide help and advice in many areas. Whether expert reports, construction management or commissioning, our experts are available for you and perform the most varied tasks according to your requirements.

Here you can find out more about our range of services in this area:

  • Expert reports
  • FAT’s, commissioning and acceptance
  • project management (EPC)
  • project management (EPC-M)
  • construction management
  • E-Check
  • Measuring devices
  • PV-system certifications

Wir erstellen Gutachten aller Art, ob für Versicherungen, Gerichte oder Privat- und Geschäftskunden


We are an expert office and team of experts in the field of renewable energy and thermographic analysis methods.
Our team consists of certified experts, graduate engineers and technical staff, all of whom work according to the standard of the IfS Institute for Technical Experts based in Cologne, Germany.

Our core competencies and fields of activity in which we operate are photovoltaics and the related implementation of coupled energy management systems.
We provide reports for courts, authorities, insurance companies and clients from the industry and the private sector.

In addition, we prepare plans and energy utilization concepts, provide site managers and accompany the acceptance of plants.
Due to our international experience, we are also happy to accompany projects worldwide.

FAT’s: (Factory acceptance test)

For large-scale projects or for the manufacture of special parts, factory acceptance tests are the only means of ensuring the quality of the ordered parts and products. Due to time constraints, it is often no longer possible to check the delivery on construction sites, or it is formally too late because since the delivery has already taken place. The production machines or systems are checked for completeness of its components.

The basis of the examination are the technical specifications of the manufacturer and, if applicable, other changes agreed upon after the conclusion of the contract (amendment request) if these have become part of the contract. In addition, the test results documented by the supplier in test reports are used. In addition, a (reduced) functional test can be carried out within the scope of the FAT. It is determined whether the documented test results can also be reproduced at the place of production. This is particularly important to detect, for example, damages occurred during logistics, loading/unloading, transport or final assembly at the construction site.


At the end of all works, commissioning of the PV system is pending.

An on-site appointment is carried out for this purpose, at which you as operator of the plant as well as the representatives of the energy supplier and the installation company can participate on request.

The process is usually carried out by the EPC or installation company prepared and accompanied on site by our expert. Upon a successful completion of commissioning, the PV system is online and delivering electricity.


A hand-over of the photovoltaic project is required today by many banks to secure the investment. This also gives the operators the certainty of getting a functioning system.

Our experts and engineers accompany our customers through the construction and commissioning phases of their photovoltaic projects.

This is a one-stop buy for the owner of the plant. Our international, qualified and experienced staff will take care of all aspects of the implementing phase of the project. As an EPC, you get a fixed price and we asume all responsibilities: we will perform the System Design, do the Procurement of the components and execute the construction of the plant. Up to the Commercial Operating Day (COD) where the accepted complete system is operating: genearting, is online and delivering energy to the grid.

Just contact us for more detailed information on this topic.

In case you as a customer want to hold full control of all suppliers and service subcontractors, we will assist you leading the whole package.
Our qualified and experienced staff will take care of leading construction phase of the project. As an EPC-M, you manage all contracts to supliiers and service companies and we bundle the leadership to this undertaking: we will supervise the Engineering, overview the cupply of all components and supervise as well the construction of the plant. We will do the Quality Control Management for the plant until its Commercial Operating Day (COD) where the construction is completed and the project genearting, online and delivering energy to the grid can be handed over.

Just contact us for more detailed information on this topic.

We take over the construction management and the site management for solar projects of all kinds.

Our internationally experienced staff with special training in the fields of construction management, HSE and Quality Management are responsible for independently leading all tasks at the construction sites in compliance with international industry standards.

You can rely on us!

Upon acceptance of the project, you will get a comprehensive and detailed engineering and construction documentation.

Particularly in many European countries, the adherence to the HSE regulations there is very strictly controlled and reconstructed. Rely on an experienced partner, who knows the regulations of the respective country and carries out and controls their observance!


All electrical installations and electrical equipment are subject to aging and wear and this also applies to photovoltaic systems.

The influencing factors for this are the degree of use, environmental influences and particularly the operating conditions. For these reasons,it is crucial to detect and manage early any deficiencies so that the commercial security can be expected over time.

Therefore, as is mandatory in the commercial sector to perform periodically the E-CHECK.

Based on the E-CHECK guidelines, the condition of the electrical systems and devices must be assessed in the following areas:

  • Sound usablity and operability
  • safety-related condition
  • Protection against electric shock
  • Protection against electrically ignited fire
  • Measures against lightning and overvoltage
  • Energy saving
This policy for E-CHECK applies to the conduct of periodic inspections, such as: VDE 0105 chapter 100 – electrical systems of:
  • Apartments and residential buildings
  • External buildings such as garages, sheds, stables, etc.
  • Commercially used buildings
  • Industrial plants
  • Public institutions

It also applies for all periodic inspections, eg.: according to VDE 0702, on electrical equipment of electrical equipment used in households, industry, public institutions or commerce.

There are a lot of laws, regulations and provisions forming the basis of the policy to the E-CHECK in Germany. Checking the legal framework and the regulations for your project and test remaining on this is one of our services.

All these tests are carried out by us professionally and with appropriate documentation for you!


Our expert office maintains its own laboratories, metering tools and workshops with wide range of equipment that allows us to carry out a wide range of tests and examinations in-house.

Whether at your project site location or in one of our workshops: We check for you with devices that always meet the highest quality and accuracy requirements.

An insight into our portfolio of measuring tools and instruments:

  • 5 x multimeters with current clamps up to 500A
  • 1x Benning PV 1-1 installation and commissioning tests
  • 1x Benning PV 2 with characteristic curve measurement
  • 1x Benning IT120, AC-side installation tester
  • 1x Fluke 1625-2 for complex grounding measurements and Measurements of specific soil resistances according to Werner and Schlumberger
  • 3x film thickness gauges for analysis of components of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 1x equipment for EL measurement of PV modules and PV strings
  • 1x Thermografite camera for measuring electrical errors
  • 6x thermometers
  • 2x laser meter gauge Leica
  • 1x Hameg 4-channel oscilloscope for measuring electrical components
  • 1x measurement set for long-term recording of energy consumers and generating plants
  • 1x measurement set for grid and stability analysis
  • Wide range of devices for optical magnification and analysis
  • Wide range of cameras and recording devices
  • Set for soil chloride and PH analysis
  • Set of mobile load cells for long-term absorption of forces on PV-racking systems
  • Snow truck to determine snow loads
  • Different lighting and irradiance meters
  • Wide range of measuring equipment for AC and DC-side
  • Server and database system for recording long-term readings
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